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FREE screenwriting Teleclass tomorrow (yes, that’s now a word…)

Million Dollar Screenwriter Chris Soth Reveals

HOW to use MINI-MOVIES to write SCRIPTS that SELL!


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Take your screenplay structure to the next level!

In this rare, LIVE phone interview, Chris will reveal EACH of the eight sequences, or “Mini-Movies”, that make up a successful screenplay.

He’ll even create an entire story ON THE SPOT using the Mini-Movie method and a logline submitted by one of the participants on the call (it could be YOURS!).  Plus you’ll learn:

  • – The two vital ingredients you need to create tension — the key to an extraordinary screenplay.
  • – What MUST happen in Act One for the rest of your story to succeed.
  • – How to avoid the typical writer’s block of Act 2 by breaking it down into 4 Mini-Movies.
  • – How to leave the audience completely satisfied with your ending.

AND we’ll walk through a step-by-step analysis of the Mini-Movies used to create one of the greatest Science Fiction movies of all time (HINT: It’s ALIEN!).

A limited number of lines will be open.

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